Painting 55 of 99

The kids are back in school. The new Fall schedules are entered into Google calendar. The beach towels are stuffed away in the linen closet to collect dust for the next 9 months. (sob) Back to my regularly scheduled releases, folks!

I had to look no further than one of my top two favorite poets for inspiration on today’s piece. (16 x 20″ mixed media on canvas)


Excerpt from “October,” by Robert Frost

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.


I follow a decent amount of photographers on social media, and one of my favorite shots of fall trees is from the ground level looking straight up at the treetops overhead–it creates this unique perspective, and one I don’t think I’ve seen in a painting. Here is my step by step process to try to capture this using fall colors. The writing is from the poem “October.”


I began with various textures created with modeling paste.

I wanted a medium toned underpainting to create depth and interest when I later covered most of it with an off-white color.

Because of the underpainting, the texture is now popping with this next layer of paint.

The words from “October” by Robert Frost

Here goes nothing–laying in the tree structures and hoping it will give the effect of looking straight up into the sky

I decide to be spontaneous and have the sun behind the treetops as a focal point

First round of leaves

More leafing and realize I need to bring the sun beams back that were obscured

Final piece. I thought it was looking too cold for a fall painting, and used some mixed media techniques to tape off areas for colorblocking and added additional leaves as well as some drips and light stenciling and more words from the poem.

If available, it will be the first piece when sorting by “most recent.”