IT’S HERE! 15 New Paintings, series “For The Beauty Of the Earth”

“I can get my painting on a flipping TOTE BAG?” These are things I say when finishing the current set for my new series and am introduced to the world of fine art print products.

Exhibit A:

Screenshot 2015-06-06 at 7.26.39 AM


So, not only are the originals now available, (use special 3 day coupon 1PROMO15) but you have the option to by some beautiful print products as well. Each painting has buttons for both options in my gallery for the series.




To go directly to my Etsy shop for originals, click here.

For prints on paper, canvas, metal, phone cases, pillows, and flipping TOTE BAGS on my Fine Art America page, click here.




Working in a series is has been an enlightening experience. It’s so easy to jump from one creative idea to another, never trying to repeat parts and explore ways to develop and grow.

The birch trees, for example, started with me loving the idea of nature creating these stark white pillars that catch your eye against any backdrop. I enhanced this with bold color choices, as you can see in my first birch tree painting.







By the 5th and 6th birch tree I decided to play on the vibrant oranges coming from a sunset casting light on the trees instead of just the background providing the color. I don’t think I would have tried this¬†without allowing myself the time to really explore just this one idea.

Plus, these look great on a tote bag, if I do say so myself.


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